Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is on 3rd October 2009, this coming Saturday. But moon cakes have already been available for sale since early July and this year, there are even more vendors selling the moon cakes. Besides the moon cakes from the famous brands like Tai Thong, Baker’s Cottage, Overseas and Tong Kee, this year, you can also find a selection of moon cakes from some of the bakery outlets like Bread Story and Breadtalk. And there are so many new and exotic flavours available like the Precious Black (dried longan with wolfberry lotus paste), Blueberry Blackcurrant Cheese, Jade Delights with Coconut Silk, Snow Skin Strawberry Apple, Snow Skin Coffee Chip Tiramisu and Snow Skin Chocolate Mint with Nut Pieces.

Pay a visit to Mid-Valley Megamall’s Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion and you will be able to see the variety of moon cakes created by the hotel chefs from Westin KL, Concorde, Shangri-la, Hilton, Renaissance and Nikko Hotel. And at the Jaya Jusco outlet there, you will also find the Doreamon moon cakes beside those from the tops brands and Baker’s Cottage has a chef making the Shanghai Mini Lotus moon cakes at their stall.

It is also interesting to see the various types of packaging for the moon cakes which include beautiful jewelry boxes, Japanese inspired bento boxes, Chess sets (the mini moon cakes are shaped like chess pieces); no wonder the moon cakes are getting so expensive!

At home, I have been eating moon cakes bought by my siblings for my parents. This year, they decided to bring the moon cakes over earlier as last year, everyone brought the moon cakes on the day of the festival and my mom ended up giving back the moon cakes to my sisters and brothers to take back. This year, eating the moon cakes earlier meant they are still fresh and we get to taste all the various flavours.

The moon cakes in my house came from Westin Hotel, Tong Kee, Baker’s Cottage and one box of homemade “Kam Tui” moon cakes given by my father’s friend. I had also bought a box of moon cakes from Fruit Story which has a stall at Mid-Valley’s Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion. Fruit Story moon cakes are less sweet and healthier as they use fruits for the filling instead of the salted egg yolk. The two flavours I bought were Mint Lotus with Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Lotus with Salted Mung Bean.

Enjoy your mooncakes with a pot of chinese tea and have a wonderful and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!